Monday, February 23, 2009

cell phone pics

Since my camera is packed in my hospital bag- you'll have to deal with cell phone pics for now.

^ this is daddys idea of a good dinner.
can't tell what it is?
a chocolate chip pancake. extra chocolate chips.
he was so proud of it that he wanted me to take a picture of it!

^ this is Parker's new favorite thing to do: climb in his toy basket and sit and play with the toys

^ daddy comes home from work and i swear as soon as he opens that door Parker wakes up from his nap. they connect on a level i'll never understand.
after a quick wash of the hands (yecky school germs) daddy's in to get him up and play with Parker and his hot wheels.

^ what a sweet little boy. reading the pokey little puppy.
i am so proud of him.
He's going to make a great big brother!!


R,K,L said...

WOW thats a lot of choco chips!!!!! I think the bond between Daddy and son is phenomenal. I love it. The other day Rob's dad was talking in the kitchen while L was eating in his room and he turned towards the door saying "dada" and would not eat until I took him out there to show him it was not daddy. So sweet though. BTW I love the loveseat! ;)

♥The Drake Family♥ said...

daddys always seem to make the best dinner! lol.