Monday, February 2, 2009

swing that football belly

When Parker was a newborn the only place he would sleep was our baby papasan swing. He absolutely loved it. And so did we. The only downside? It runs on 4D batteries. There were many-a-nights we would run out of batteries and Brian would put a sleeping bag on the floor and push parker in the swing until he fell asleep. Brian would then sleep right next to him in case he woke up. After talking to my friend Racheal last night, she told me they now make a swing that plugs in!! My dream come true! But, she said, it only comes in blue and pink. I guess my girls (If I ever have a girl) will have to deal with being swung in a blue swing because Brian is 300% on board to getting this swing. So, I'm off to order it!!!!!!!!
Is that a bowling ball under your shirt?? Ha.
We don't have a full length mirror and so yesterday at the bathroom at church I turned to the side and couldn't believe my eyes!!
36 weeks already!

This was parker, all set for the superbowl in his football outfit! (I could not for the life of me- get him to look up from daddys cell phone)


♥The Drake Family♥ said...

i have that swing! its awesome, a sure life saver. i had the regular one with tyler and had the same battery problem bc he of course slept in it the 1st 5 months. then i saw this one! had to have it only for that reason. i must say though, dont be worried about the blue bc honestly its not that blue. its more of a periwinkle, i was actually more worried of it being too girly. its just star pattern. if you look at my blog of those pics you can see koby in his swing.
FYI....koby has the same red football outfit, i swear you would think we shopped together, lol

♥The Drake Family♥ said...

oh, and has the swing the cheapest with site to store shipping!

The Kent Family said...

How funny...I gotta kick out of reading your is that your swing alrady on craigslist??? I'll be right behind you on getting one..although Jimmy doesn't get why I need it lol...I'll prob. get the pink one in the future...we can always trade hahaha ;)

Amanda said...

woah, I just read your blog or I would have told you before. I got Madison (almost two years ago) a swing that plugs in and I love it! It is the rainforest one by FisherPrice. You probably won't believe this, but she actually still uses it (one of the +s of having a 17 lb 15 month old). Only she wont use it when I put her in it, she just likes to climb in it and swing herself. It goes forward/backward or side-to-side. It has all kinds of sounds (waterfall, music, rainforest and more) and I think three levels of volume and even a cute mobile with a frog, bird and something else. Can't remember. I totally recommend it!!! I just picked mine up at Wal-Mart (without site-to-store) and it was like $80. It has been my lifesaver! And it is gender neutral and fun/bright colors for babies. If you already got the blue one, thats cool too. But I would get the rainforest one for sure! Just my $.02!

The Kent Family said...

Yeah...that's why I like having BLONDE hair...and longer so I DON'T look like her hahaha...;) I'm thinking the blonde needs to come back anyhow lol