Monday, February 9, 2009

parker had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day

Parker was at a birthday party on Saturday when he started feeling a little warm. I gave him some medicine and within the hour- he started puking. After about the 5th time, I thought he was set to make it in the car ride home. This time we were prepared and borrowed a towel from my friend to cover him and his carseat. He made it home, and went to bed. In the morning (Sunday) I got him up and he was running a little fever. So, I gave him medicine and left for church.

Daddy stayed home with Parker from church but I had to go bc I was conducting and doing sharing time in primary. (which is our Sunday School for kids ages 4-12) I hurried home at 1pm to check and see how he was doing. He downed a whole lot of pedialyte and some bites to eat. Parker was sleeping when I got home and so I didn't want to wake him up. Brian said he went down at about 10:30a so he'd been sleeping a while. He finally woke up at around 2:45p. I took his temp. 102.8. Great. So in went the motrin, gave him a cool bath, started the pedialyte and on went just the onsie. He was in a surprisingly good mood! Laughing and babbling and playing like normal. After his bath he sat with daddy on the couch and daddy read him books

After a couple books, Parker wanted to play play play! So, he began to play with all his toys. It was only about 5 min later that I asked Brian to get a paper towel bc Parker's leg was bleeding!! He must have scratched it on something. So, Brian applied pressure and I got the neosporin and bandaids. All bandaged up and ready to play again:

I had to leave and so I was getting ready in the bedroom and daddy and Parker went in there to bug me. Well, Parker tripped on some clothes on the floor when he was carrying his pedialyte and the cup bonked his face. Parker cried and blood started dripping from his left nostril. Are you kidding me?! Poor kid. We got it taken care of and then I let him 'wipe' it himself.

To top off Parker's horrible day, I sold the swing and had to meet up with the people to give it to them. Parker was crying as daddy was bringing it out to the car. It was actually emotional for me too. That was my little baby Parker swing. Parker would never be that little again... it was just a hard day for me too. So, Parker played with the toys on the tray and we told him the swing had to go help another little baby. We got some last pictures of him and his swing. It was bittersweet for sure.
After I dropped the swing off, I went to get more Pedialyte (bc we were all out. even though we had stocked up pretty well. Parker doesn't like the grape flavor one) So I went and grabbed some things from the store (bad holly) and by the time I got home (around 7p) Parker had no fever!

He was cool as a cucumber when we put him to bed and I thought for sure he'd wake up and start the cycle all over again. Well, I got him up at around 8:15a and no fever! Phew!

Hopefully today isn't as eventful as yesterday.......


R,K,L said...

SOOOOO SAD!!!!!! Poor baby!!! Glad he is feeling better!

Beverly B. said...

I'm so sorry. We've had days like those before.

♥The Drake Family♥ said...

poor little guy! those are the hardest days :( they always manage to make it through it though....i swear they are stronger than adults sometimes, lol

The Haban Family said...

those pictures are SO sad!!!

they took 2 x-rays.

The Fifes said...

poor parker!! That's no fun!

R,K,L said...

What happened to your header??? I was just coming on to tell you how much I loved it and wanted to know how you did it!