Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Snow Day 2013

Today was the first snow day of the season!  We cashed in on it as much as we could.  However, shortly after we discovered the day was liberated, the power went out in the front living room of our house.  I made a trip to the basement and thought I found the offending fuse.  I dug out the car and headed over to Lowes and got what I speculated to be a replacement.  I came home, trucked down to the basement and plugged the fuse in.

No go.  I came back upstairs frustrated and let Holly know how I felt.  She told to me to go on down and patiently try again.  Complaining about doesn't do any good, she reminded me.  So I went back into the basement grumbling.  All the fuses looked good.  So I took a gamble and randomly unplugged one and swapped it with another one I found in a box.  I only knew it was switching a 15 for a 15.  In it went and POP! the power went back on.  How do you like that?  Sometimes you just get lucky.

We put Anderson down for a nap and had a movie afternoon with the boys.  This means mom and dad get to pick the movie so we are not watching reruns of their favorite shows.  Mom spied Treasure Planet on Netflix.

Parker and Carter complained, but we sat them down to watch it together.  In the end, once they found out it had pirates, they enjoyed it.  We promised a treat for the snow day, so once it started getting dark in the afternoon, we ordered Mark's pizza with 3 orders of wings and "Sprite" soda. (It was Sierra Mist, but Parker settled for that.)  We set up camp in the living room and asked what we should watch now.  Parker said, "I know!"  Then he put Treasure Planet on again and we watched the movie a second time!  We knew they would enjoy it.

Halfway through dinner, Anderson started getting cranky in his high chair we had moved into the living room.  We tried giving him chicken (boneless) wings.  We gave him a drink of water.  We got him more pizza.  He was still ANGRY.  Finally, Holly decided to take him out of his chair and let him sit with Parker and Carter at their little table we moved into the living room.  Well, the little man walked right up to his seat, sat down with his brothers, smiled big, and started eating and watching the movie with them.  He just wanted to sit with his brothers.  It was cute. 

After the movie (where Jim Hawkins was once again triumphant) the boys helped clean up and went right up to bed.  It was a good day.  The weather is still predicted to be scary tomorrow.  Maybe we can have another snow day...

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