Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mom's always right.

We decided to go out for dinner at McDonald's (a big treat for the boys).  Parker and Carter enjoy playing the touch screen games attached to each booth. Grilled cheese for Parker and Anderson. Carter ate a cheeseburger.  After they ate, they went into the play place.  Brian saw a student of his while there.  Parker and Carter have no fear of the play place and climb up all the way up the tower.  We remember a time when Parker wouldn't go all the way up, let alone Carter.  Since Anderson is climbing all the way up the stairs all the time in the house we have no doubt he would make the trek to the top of the play place if only the second climbing step wasn't as tall as he is.  I think they put that step there just to keep little guys like him out.
Jeff and Wendy showed up later for ice cream.  The boys were a little silly but were calm enough to eat their ice cream cones.  Brian wanted a hot fudge sundae which he got.  If you know Brian, he is always eager to get started eating his food.  He started opening up his sundae to eat before even getting back to the table.  Since he had so much hot fudge, it started dripping onto the floor as he walked back to the table and he didn't even notice!  It was hysterical.  Brian ended up eating all of his sundae and the leftovers of the boys'.  I told him that would happen. ;).  

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