Monday, January 14, 2013

Playoff Sunday

No Tom Brady Here...

I was all set to watch the playoff game between the Patriots and the Texans when Parker wanted to play his Star Wars video game.  Since the game had only started, Holly said he could play for ten minutes.  Well, Parker started playing with mommy on level 2 of Return of the Jedi where the Star Wars gang has to escape Jabba the Hutt's skiff and avoid being fed to the Sarlacc.  Before you knew it, ten minutes was over.  But Parker and Mommy had made such headway into the level that Parker was understandably reluctant to turn it off.  So Parker and Mommy plodded onward until they got stuck and Parker gave me a turn to try and beat the level with Mommy.  We thought we were done, and we were using R2D2 to load up this terrific gun to blow up some big power machine thingy.  We had blown up the other one so we figured we just needed to blow this one to the sky and we would be home free.  But we soon learned this power thingy was locked up under this protective case and then came lots of arguing, scrambling, and "Holy smokes, Brian this game is for ten year can't be that hard to figure out!"  Parker of course gave his share of aggressive kibitzing and the whole nuclear family dynamic was frantically unraveling.  We went up, we went down, we went inside things, pushed little boxes around, ran into little rooms and tunnels until finally forty minutes late, the protective shield came down and we BLEW the annoying thing up.  The Star Wars gang was safe.  Holly and I never felt so accpompished. A real family team.  Then the credits for the level rolled and I got to watch the second half of the playoff game.  You're welcome, Parker.

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Mom said...

I wonder who gave PARKER that game? It seems as if it has turned into a family adventure!