Saturday, January 12, 2013

Playoff Saturday

We watched the playoffs on Saturday.  Brian was rooting for the Baltimore Ravens while I was cheering for the Broncos.  Brian doesn't really like the Ravens, but just carries some sort of grudge against the Manning family no rational reason. He is always cheering against the Broncos and the Giants these days.  Carter sided with Brian and Parker sided with me.  It was cute.  When Brian would cheer, Carter would jump up and down on the couch and shout, "Yes!  We're winning, we're winning!"  They enjoyed the game for a while and then disappeared into the dinning room.  When we looked in, they were all sitting at their table going through their church bags.  It was so cute.  Brian left to get KFC during the overtime and was pleased to discovered it still wasn't over when he got back.  He was even more thrilled when the Ravens won.  We then switched it to the 49ers vs the Packers.  Once again, we wanted different teams.  I obviously like Green Bay because my dad and little brother are Green Bay fans.  Brian, for some obscure, dubious reason, wanted the 49ers, even though he has liked the Packers before.  (He is the worst fan and has no logic.)  This "49er Fever," Brian justifies because he recalls his first Super Bowl being watched the 49ers play sitting in his parents basement by himself while his parents fought about something upstairs.  He recalls Steve Young playing in that game, too.  That is all. So on this dubious foundation, Brian cheered against Green Bay.The KFC was good.  We were going to grill because the weather was so nice today (50 degrees in January! :)) but decided to be lazy instead.  Parker and Carter were looking out the window today saying, "I can see grass!  I can see grass, Mom!  Winter is almost over!  It's almost over!"  Oh, how I wish that was the case!  The boys came down for a "taste" and we promised we would save them some.  I stayed up for the first half of the game then went to bed.  Brian stayed up to watch it while reading chess books on the couch.  (I promise you, NO other "fan" in world was doing THAT.)  He must have gone to bed happy because the 49ers won.  Tomorrow, we will watch the other playoff games.  I bought avocados to make guac.  It should be fun.

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