Saturday, July 24, 2010

recent happenings.

Parker is slightly obsessed with the temple. I took a photo of it and we blew it up- last week- to 20X30. It looks great ((although I have decided on a cream colored matte instead so I'll have to update it when I get that one)).

On Monday I had a primary presidency meeting. I came home to this:
Brian was clueless. Apparently Parker had pushed the chair over to the counter, climbed up and got the chocolate chips, got 2 bowls (1 for him and 1 for Carter), poured equal amounts in the bowls, threw the bag away, and then sat quietly to eat them.... Cute and oh so naughty.

Monday night for FHE (Family Home evening) We had a lesson on saying sorry, and then we played Cootie! (Parker's first time... and Carter would scream if he didn't have the die)

On Tuesday (or Weds... I can't remember). I got Parker up from his nap. He showed me a thing he drew... he then proceeded to tell me "O L O circle C" .... he's starting to write letters.
Potty training: is not going so well. We were doing great before our painting week.... so we're trying to get him back on track.

Thursday night was MEET THE DOULAS OF CNY at the library. It was awesome to connect with so many wonderful people. I am TRULY BLESSED to be a part of this agency. Our work is hard, our cause is mighty, and WE are strong. They are like family to me.

((back L-R:
Erin, Debra, Malinda, Cristina, Bobbi, Chris, Sarah M
front L-R:
Emilie, Sarah C, ME!, Michele, Heather, Julie))

Friday for date night we made homemade garbage plates. Well, kinda. The sauce was from Rudy's and the mac salad was from the grocery store, the potatoes were of the frozen variety. We did cook the cheeseburg-s and chopped the onion and cooked the potatoes. That counts as homemade in my book. Brian insisted we eat them on styrofoam and with disposable utensils to get as close to the real deal as possible. I have to admit-- these were to die for.

**Great Grandma & Great Grandpa Hand- How is Mommy doing at keeping you updated? :)
Love, Parker and Carter

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