Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jellystone Park

We went to spend the day with my parents at Jellystone Monday and yesterday. We had a lot of fun playing water wars, mini golf, walking in the river, and having a campfire.
^ Parker's "i can be happy" face
^ Carter trying on the bike helmet.
Not so sure about Booboo Bear on the wagon ride.
^ Shyly giving a high five
^ Make a wish. (i made the sign in the background for them)
^ Carter in the River-- action shot
^ Carter doing his trick in the river
^ cute little waterfall

We are going camping there Aug 25-27 with some friends-- Britta, Greg, Jared, Hunter, and Melody. We both got a 2 room cabin... Should be a ton of fun!!!!

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Greg & Britta said...

Looks like fun!! Can't WAIT till the 25th!