Friday, July 30, 2010

brian-less date night and eye exam

Tonight I bought the boys a coldstone kid cone and we went to the playground where they ate it and then played on the playground. Here they are on the swings. Parker wasn't digging the swings and Carter was loving it!!I forgot to watch Obama on the View (which I really wanted to see just to say that I saw it).... so I hooked up the laptop to the tv and streamed the episode through the tv. This seriously happened:
Carter was saying the blessing for dinner and Parker started saying "my turn". Carter unfolded his arms- looked at Parker- put his finger to his lips and said "shh" -- I seriously had no idea he could do that!!

Today we went to play with the MacCallums for a bit. It was bittersweet. Below is the MacCallum/Steffen crew:
Little Lovebirds ;)
I had an eye exam on Thursday anddddd got CONTACTS for the FIRST time in my life.....
NOW I can wear sunglasses!!!


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