Friday, January 1, 2010


I didn't take as many pictures as I wanted to/ should have during our New Year's Eve Bash ;) but this was by far the best one. Ian won the award for 'ugliest sweater'... it even had coordinating shoulderpads... hardcore. We seriously had a blast with everyone who came!! :) :) Thanks!!!!

Resolutions? Who needs 'em!
If I *were* to make one. It *might* be that I'd be better at keeping this up to date.

SO I'm going to *try* to get better at blogging this year! Really! :) I just get so overwhelmed trying to upload pictures to this thing because it takes forever since my computer won't recognize my camera card and I have to plug in the camera to the USB port and upload the files to the desktop and then to blogger.... You probably did not want to know all of that, but oh well!

If you would like to see pictures from Christmas, check out my facebook album for Nov/Dec.

I have decided that for 2010 we are going to take a family picture every day... I got the idea out of the Parents magazine. I'm excited to try it... let's see how long it lasts! LOL

I leave you with our attempt at today's picture... pardon parker's chapped face

(it's supposed to say 2-0-1-0 just incase you couldn't tell)


Beverly B. said...

I love the sweaters. I'm sorry we did make it:(

I love that idea of a family picture everyday.

Shelby and Brian said...

That's a cute idea with the daily family pictures. How did Parker's face get so chapped? I thought it was jelly.... lol.

HollySteffen said...

idk. he like licks it or something. we put cream on it constantly. he is suffering from reallllly dry skin. his legs are like alligator skin.