Tuesday, January 12, 2010

feat. carter

i love my family

Parker's BIG NEWS:

He has awaken from his naps dry lately and I thought, hey maybe we should TRY to get him to go on his potty.

So we began half heartedly potty training and are REALLY impressed with how well Parker is doing!! He has peed about 5 times and pooped once in his little potty!!! :)

I can't believe he's starting to potty train.

Parker got his first big boy underwear today!! :)


Sillywildflower said...

Love this picture!! Yay for the news about P-Man!!! It's totally awesome when kids become potty trained! wooohooo!!

Holly said...

Yay!!! Good luck with him in his big boy undies!!!

Graaaandma said...

Way to go, Parker! Hehe