Sunday, January 24, 2010

Happy 27th Birthday Brian!! :)

Parker and I made pancakes for Daddy while Carter played. We made Rainbow pancakes- complete with peanut m&ms (Parker's favorite) and sprinkles. They were topped with whipped cream and more sprinkles!
They gave mommy 2 Thumbs up! :D
We all then got ready and headed to church. When we got home, we put the kiddos down for their naps and I made Brian this for dinner!!
Steak Gorgonzola Alfredo (olive garden copycat recipe) with homemade alfredo sauce.
I couldn't find sundried tomatoes at the store, so those are missing. And we only had linguini noodles instead of fettuccine (but we all know- they all taste the same).

Delish. It is one of our favorites.

When the kids woke up from their naps Brian opened his gift (I forgot to upload pics of it) but he got socks!!! HOW EXCITING! (sense the sarcasm?!) They were new work/church socks (MUCH NEEDED) but inside each sock was a different m&m/reese's pieces treat. So, that made up for the crappy gift.

Brian wanted to take the boys for a ride in the wagon (which has been sitting unused since we moved back in October)..... So, you gotta do what the birthday boy wants!! :)

Carter LOVED IT!!!

And here is our family picture. It was at the end of the walk..... I love my little family.
We love you!!! Thank you for being such a great husband & Daddy!!! :)
Mommy, Parker, & Carter

Random photo to make you chuckle: This photo was taken a couple of days ago. Check out those evil eyes. LOL


Sillywildflower said...

I LOVE Parkers angry eyebrows, LOL, that's what we call em at our house!

I also wanted to comment on the 'rainbow' pancakes!!! ;) Sounds like Brian had an awesome birthday :)

The Bradley's said...

What a cute family birthday! happy birthday bri!

The Fifes said...

happy birthday brian! I LOVE that last shot-- so adorable. And way to go with taking family photos every day... much better than i would do!