Saturday, January 31, 2009

finally 20lbs!

Parker went to his 15m checkup yesterday!

20lbs 4oz -- 5th percentile
31 1/4" long -- 50 percentile
head circumference of 19" -- 75th percentile

Basically, he is still skinny with a huge head! =] That'a boy!

We changed his carseat around!

Really, he likes it!!! =]


Beverly B. said...

Good for him. Cameron is little too. He is only 18' 8". I was bummed that we can't switch him yet. Ryan was much bigger and over 20' at 10 months.

HollySteffen said...

yeah at parker's year checkup he was only 19lbs 4oz.

Amanda said...

Yay! Great milestone. He can see so much more. I pretty much figured Madison would be like 5 yrs old before she gets to 20 lbs, so I switched her carseat about a week ago. I don't think she likes staring at the back of the seat. We never go anywhere anyway. I live in a small town. Anywhere we need to get to is like 5 minutes away (on a busy day). If we go out of town, I'll flip it. Anyway, she just barely hit 17 lbs. She will wear 6/9 month pants for the waist size (anything bigger falls down), but she needs 18-24 months for the legnth. She's tall and skinny. Someone suggested getting a dog collar and use as a belt. I need to look into that. Anyway, sorry. Didn't mean to hijack your blog.

R,K,L said...

Yay he can finally see the world going by forwards!