Friday, January 30, 2009

daytime momma

Elizabeth Hasselbeck from the View is pregnant!

Holy baby boom. =]

Speaking of- Crystal had her baby! Baby Koby came on Tues! =] Congrats Crystal.
My friends from church- Racheal, Evee, Melissa, and Beth are all pregnant!
There are also about 5 other people I know that are expecting. How fun!


Beverly B. said...

I'm glad I'm not:) I've got my hands full.

I love Elisabeth. I'm so excited for her. It was a happy suprise she said.

The Kent Family said...

:)...I'm sooo excited to see all these little babies...can you imagine how loud sacrament will be for a LONG time hahaha :)
Yeah...I also have 3 other friends that are due anytime now!!! Exciting!

Lori said...

I heard that on the show and was thinking she is crazy. I think all of her kids are really close together. Good for her, not for me.

♥The Drake Family♥ said...

didnt she just have a baby not that long ago?! she is like the rest of us, lol. sacrament is def. gonna be loud this next year :)
after you have your baby, we should line up our babys according to birthday and take a pic!

Shelby and Brian said...

haha I'm definitely the minority because I can't stand Elizabeth!! I read about her being pregnant today and was like ugh I'm going to get sick of hearing her blab about it. She's just really annoying to me.

Barbara said...

hahah omg i know!!! seriously i know about 13 people that are expecting!!!!!