Monday, January 19, 2009

thanks for asking!

Parker update: We took him in first thing this morning and he has an ear infection and a little upper respiratory infection. He's on antibotics and is doing a lot better already!

He's such a trooper!

Now, I'm off to the Dr at 3p to get my throat checked out. It literally feels like I am trying to swallow fire instead of my own spit. =[


Beverly B. said...

I'm so sorry that it's your turn to be sick. No fun.

Shelby and Brian said...

=( The only thing worse than having a sick child is being sick yourself and still having to take care of someone without someone taking care of you. Hope you two get better quick!

Amanda said...

I was like that last week. Felt like I was swallowing knives. I never went to the dr because I don't have insurance. It went away within a few days. I hope the same happens for you. Good luck and let us know how you feel. You are such a strong woman!!!