Thursday, January 8, 2009

he's not 2 yet?!

So, Parker has been being creating lots of gray hairs for mommy lately.....

Today, I was washing the diapers in the bathroom- and Parker decided that the 5 clean diapers needed to be put in the toilet. I wouldn't have cared except I had just got done doing a poopy diaper and so the toilet water was disgusting! So, I got the pleasure of REwashing those diapers.

Then, while I was REwashing those diapers I hear crinkling in the living room. I peek my head around the corner and Parker had managed to get the cheerio bag out of the garbage and dumped the remaining cheerios (probably 3 cups- they were stale) onto the carpeted living room floor. When I cleaned up my hands and came to help him pick them up, he was not only eating them- but shoving them in his mouth as though he hadn't ate in years- as happy as a lark.

Now, I try to look at the humor in every situation. So the humor here? Brian and I JUST talked last night about getting a dustbuster. I guess we better get it sooner rather than later-- it appears as though we'll have lots of Parker mishaps!

.... sorry there's no pics. now that's asking for a little much, don'tcha think?!


Jimmy & Racheal said... funny!!! That's quite the morning LOL

Beverly B. said...

I'm sorry. My kids are driving me crazy too. I'll post about it today.

R,K,L said...

Nice work little man!!! You should get a cordless Shark. They work on all floors and are so light weight and easy to use and pick up everything!!! Seriously.... think about it.

♥The Drake Family♥ said...

don't ya just love it! haha, ooooh how i have been there :) there are some days I would rather lock myself in a room, lol. you gotta get used to it though....since we keep having MORE! :)