Thursday, August 28, 2008

ultrasound #2

Background info:
At my 12 week appointment my Dr couldn't find the heartbeat and so she scheduled a sono for today.... (my appt was last monday) I tried not to be worried but a little bit of me was.

So, they started the ultrasound today and I immediately noticed baby's feet kicking me! He/She is alive!!! =] I said to the sonographer "so if the baby is moving that definately means it should have a heartbeat!" and she was like "yepp!!" =]

What a relief.
On a side note, it definately looked like a baby and all I could think about was how people have abortions around this time. I can't imagine doing that to a living thing, no matter what the circumstance. Its just so. incredibly. sad.

For your viewing pleasure:

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Anonymous said...

Okay, so you definitely spelled definitely wrong a couple of times!! Guess who!