Monday, August 18, 2008

"uh holly, we have a problem"

so parker was SCREAMING two seconds after we put him down for his nap. brian went in to check on him, and he picked him up and said "uh holly, we have a problem." i jumped up and when into his room. he was laying on his changing pad, COVERED in blood. i said to myself "do not freak out" and ran to the kitchen to get some wet paper towels. i started with the hands, wiped them off, and the bleeding wasn't coming from there. i then cleaned his face and quickly realized it was coming from his mouth. the poor little guy bit his maxillary frenum right in half. so, poopy diaper and all, parker was screaming as daddy held his arms and mommy put pressure on his lip and kissed his head. brian called the dr and they said if it doesnt clot in about 15 min then bring him in. luckily it did. he's now playing like nothing happened. and i'm not even worried about him napping! =]

so, just wanted to share. it was pretty scary.


thekirnancrib said...

poor baby! glad he's ok!

bclawson03 said...

Poor Parker! I'm glad that he's back to normal. That must have hurt!