Wednesday, August 6, 2008

extreme smoking and chocolate politics

Funny title right? I thought of it while driving to pick up Parker. (You'll soon understand why)
This blog is completely random......


So, while I was driving home from work- enjoying the nice weather with my windows down, I sucked in a huge puff of smoke. The man in front of me was smoking and the smoke was going right out of his window and into mine. Couldn't he be a little more aware? Or if you want to kill yourself with smoking can you at least shut your window so you only hurt yourself??

Okay, onto the good stuff (or atleast happier)...

We are leaving for vacation tomorrow and won't be back til next Weds. We are going to Hershey Park with my family and their class A motorhome. It should be loads of fun. We get to see chocolate world (of course), hershey park, and all around the town we used to live in and even eat at the local seafood joint. It's gonna be full of nostalgia and I can't wait. (especially since i get a whole weeeeek off work!)

and REALLY exciting.....

EXTREME MAKEOVER HOME EDITION IS COMING TO CENTRAL NEW YORK AUGUST 18th!!! I'm totally going to go and watch the house be built and see Ty Pennington. I know you're jealous!

Now onto the funny side of life... politics
(WARNING: don't watch this if you are easily offended, its supposed to be funny)
I can't seem to embed the video
so check it out here:

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Tiffini said...

That video is freaking funny!!! Have a fun vacation