Thursday, November 14, 2013

Birthday Party Zoom, Zooom

On Saturday we traveled to Rochester to celebrate our (only!) niece's birthday.  She turned one year old and it was a swell and big-to-do.  (Meaning, there was plenty of company and plenty of pizza, which I loved.)  Holly took pictures of the birthday girl, which I am sure she will add at some point.  I was mostly busy with monitoring the boys.  (Minus Beckett, who made the rounds with middle aged and elderly women.) Fortunately, the party was held at a large church where there was a recreation room with plenty of toys.  The boys found the toy cars, and well, the rest of the birthday party was spent in fast and furious competition.

First, Anderson wanted to get in on the action.

Then Parker snagged himself a set of wheels...

Finally, Carter grabbed a vehicle and around and around they went!  Zoom, zoom boys!

(LOL...I just noticed this after posting...if you look closely above you can see that Anderson was bored at this point and trying to make a break for it.  Maybe he heard the pizza had arrived....Zoom, zoom again!)


Peacefulgem said...
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Peacefulgem said...

Great article! I am seriously considering going the cloth diaper route when my time to be a mommy rolls around! :)

Erin Salisbury said...

This is a dedicated and encouraging article. I would seriously think about cloth diapering if I have another one. It seems easy. Thanks for sharing this article because it helps us who dont know a lot about cloth diapers.