Monday, November 11, 2013


As I'm sitting here sipping hot cocoa out of my Boulter mug... I am editing photos of my grandma and baby Beckett. Names are special to me, and my boy's names reflect those special people in my life-- some of whom I have met and loved, and some I haven't.

Since I have boys, they will proudly carry the name Steffen their whole life. I wanted their middle names to reflect their Momma and my heritage. So, we've given each of our kids maternal maiden names for middle names. They are mostly in order except the first are switched only because we didn't want Parker to have the initials PMS. That would have been cruel.

So, baby Beckett (on Saturday) had the chance to meet his closest living namesake.

Beckett Ruster. Ruster is my grandma's mom's maiden name. It is special to my grandma, and it is special to me. Here they are, saying hello:

Gram stroked his cheek, and his little hand.

 She held him tight and told him things that I strained to hear, but couldn't make out. I made eye contact with her, and her eyes were red. I've never seen my Gram cry, and I wouldn't say she was crying then... but they were definitely having a special moment. And I had the chance to witness it. I gulped back tears and tried to savor the moment.
 I am SO. HAPPY. that my Gram got to meet Beckett Ruster, and that she loves him (as Gram and I have both said) "even if he is a boy". 

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Jessica Horning said...

simply beautiful!!!!!