Thursday, July 11, 2013

Parker Summer Catch-Up

I realized Holly and I haven't posted anything yet since the marathon I ran back in May.  This is a tragedy since we have done a decent amount of things as a family since then.  It is also a tragedy because it is summer vacation so we certainly have enough time to both do things AND post about them on the blog.  So here is a brief photo tour of some of the past events.

Parker rode Uncle Jon's ATV at Grandma's house shortly
after school let out.  (Uncle Jon rode with him while it was moving.)

Parker climbed to the top of this all by himself at the ice cream store.

A view from the top!
Holly made these cupcakes in mason jar for my little sister Laura's bridal shower.

Yum!  They were awesome, exotic flavors.
The boys of course got to hang out with their Aunt Laura
before and after the bridal shower.

Okay.  So a small amount of catch-up done.  Tomorrow I will try to post some pictures of Carter's activities during the last month and a half.  Peace!

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