Friday, July 12, 2013

Carter Summer Catch-Up

Here are some catch-up summer picks of our middle son Carter...

Anderson loves the book The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss.  Carter often takes the time to read it to his little brother whenever mom and dad get tired of reading it.  (Because Carter hears it in the background so much, it is rather easy for him to do this!  Carter is really good at memorizing things he hears.  He is always reciting song lyrics and lines from TV shows back to us.  He even recently has started to annoy Holly a little by repeating back questions....he asks "Mom, can I have a Popsicle."  "Yes Parker," says mom.  "Okay, mom, so you mean that I can have a Popsicle, right?"  Haha he is so cute.

While camping with our friends at Jellystone, the kids obviously got glow-rings for their bedtime.  Parker and Carter took the chance to turn them into fashion accessories.  (Anderson, by the way, bit into his and had it taken away.  Fortunately, no radioactive glow got all over him because of it!)  Also notice Parker advertising his favorite pizza place (and Dad's too!) as well as Carter's long sleeved pajamas.  Carter doesn't seem to mind the summer heat and is always running around in flannel pants and shirt even when his brothers are down to their diaper or underwear trying to keep cool.  The other day Carter hid inside a fort he made for an half hour dressed in his usual and came out soaked in sweat.  We told him he had no choice but to take those clothes off and dress in something cooler.  He resisted but finally did.  The guy liked to stay toasty!

On the Jellystone wagon ride, Yogi Bear always does a "tie trick" where the kids close their eyes, Yogi rolls up his tie, the kids open them, and then are surprised to see the tie gone.  Carter, always the observant one, is never one to be fooled by this cheap trick and is seen here calling Yogi out on his deceitfulness...

And finally, while playing at Grandma and Grandpa Miller's, it's okay on rare occasions to keep playing outside even if it is raining.  Parker and Carter capitalized on that liberty, recently.  Here they are all wet.  Notice, of course, they are standing in a puddle.  Carter loves puddles and is always trying to turn our backyard into a big one when he plays with the sprinkler.  But that is a post for another day.

Tomorrow will be a catch-up summer day for our little buddy Anderson!

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