Saturday, July 27, 2013

Date Night with Parker

Holly and I let Parker join us for our date night.  He's cute; he calls it getting "take-out" and "staying up." Holly and I had been thinking about getting Chinese, but Parker wanted McDonald's.  So McDonald's it was!  Parker got a Happy Meal and a chocolate milkshake.

We ended up watching a concert special on CBS called Tim McGraw's Super Star Summer Night.  I thought it was funny because when I got home with the food I asked Holly what we were watching she said, "I think it's called Somebody's Backyard Concert."  How she got that title out of "Super Star Summer Night" I'll never know.

Holly and I aren't big country fans, so we spent much of the concert making fun of people on the screen.  It's legit because they can't hear us.  That, and of course, they are rich so we don't feel bad.  Parker just enjoyed the music and being able to stay up late with McDonald's for dinner. Parker also got York Peppermint Patties for a treat before bed.  They are his favorite candy!

Thanks for being the guest of honor for our date night, Parker!  We love you!

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