Saturday, July 27, 2013

Popsicle Prince

Our little man Anderson has an addiction.  While his brothers enjoy a Popsicle once, maybe two times a day, Anderson is always clamoring at our freezer for the whole bag.  He seriously eats like five or six a day and would gladly have more if we let him.  It gets a little warm in the house sometimes since we don't have air conditioning, so we indulge in his habit.

Anderson, our Popsicle Prince, always doing his best
to match his Popsicle with both his eyes and his diaper!

He's surprisingly neat with them too.  He sucks it for a bit, breaks it in half, places one in a bowl, chomps on the first, then helps himself to the second, then scampers off to put the wooden sticks in the sink.  Of course all those Popsicles go straight to his matching diaper which keep us busy in other ways, but that's another story.

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