Friday, February 22, 2013

February Break

Holly and I enjoyed February break with our boys.  Here is a quick run down on the events...

Friday 2/15: I got out of work, came home with Parker, climbed into the mini-van, and we rode home to my parent's house in Fairport.  We enjoyed a home cooked meal of meatloaf, squash, and potatoes.

Saturday 2/16:  We went to two birthday parties.  First, we went to Great Grandma Brenner's 90th birthday.
Next, we went to Jared Crystal's 7th birthday party.  Both were epic.

Sunday 2/17:  We traveled to Kendall, NY and had a birthday party for Carter who turns 4 on the 24th.  We enjoyed Mark's Pizza and soda.  Carter got a Star Wars Lego set, clothes, and Backyardigan books.

Monday 2/18:  Kept it real in Kendall.

Tuesday 2/19:  We drove home and enjoyed a combined family home evening with Daisy Boyer and family. Dad cleaned out the basement while mom helped the boys clean upstairs.

On the way home we discovered Parker's new "trick." 
He likes to have the overhead light on above his car seat
but he can't reach it.  Hi solution is to take off his shoe
and use that to hit the light button.  Notice how Carter is looking

Wednesday 2/20:  Kept it real at home.

Thursday 2/21:  Went to the Hartmann's to hang out with Jim, Bree, and Avella.  Afterwards, we had the missionaries over for Elder Hogaurd's birthday.  We have Sister missionaries in Oswego now so there were four missionaries and lots of Mark's pizza and soda for everyone.

Jim reading to Anderson and Avella

Parker and Carter "hanging around" with Jim

Friday 2/22:  Kept it real at home.

And that's it!  There was a good balance of structured activities and chill time.  February break is great, but spring break will be better with the nice weather.  Only 4 and a half weeks until then!

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