Saturday, February 9, 2013

Date Night with Wedding Dresses and Music

Winter Storm Nemo was supposed to be bigger than it was.

Winter Storm Nemo
Other school districts were closing or closing early but not ours.  However, as school was letting out, it started to get really blustery out.  Holly suggested I leave early to collect take out dinner while she put the boys to bed. I wanted to go to Wal-Mart and Pizza Hut (both right in town although on opposite sides) and it took over an hour with three different sessions of clearing off the car.

Date night beverage for pizza and a blizzard
We went with A&W Root Beer for our beverage. We went with cheese lovers stuffed crust pizza for our dinner topped with bacon, pineapple, ham, and jalapenos   For entertainment, we watched Say Yes To The Dress.  I know, I am a pretty magnanimous guy for watching it.  I'm even learning a little wedding dress lingo. I've learned that there are "A-line" dresses, "Trumpet" dresses, "Mermaid" dresses and others.  I find that I'm an "A-line" wedding dress kind of guy.

An "A-Line" Wedding Dress
I wish I could recall deep enough in my memory if Holly wore an A-line at our wedding, but I can't.  But I still think it's the best.  Traditional and classy.

After pizza, I took out our date night activity I had prepared,  2013 Grammy Award Predictions.  Now, some people are content just calling out their predictions just before some celebrity duo rip open an envelope after painfully delivering a series of bad jokes.  Not us.  We make predictions in all EIGHTY-ONE categories.  That's right.  Now, you might be wondering how we are qualified to make predictions in all 81 categories.  Well, Holly is a stay at home mom, isn't she?  She surely doesn't just sit their and Bon-Bons with Anderson and Carter all day. Nope.  She Goes through all the songs, albums, etc. to become INFORMED. Carter and Anderson too.  It's culture city over here.

Of course I am being sarcastic.  Holly and I rarely listen to music nowadays besides what percolates into our car through the radio.  And, of course, we are stuck with the same tunes we loved in college, which turns us into those older folks.  But you don't need to be a music junkie to make predictions.

Taylor Swift, the sweet girl next door who
can't lose after being interrupted
by a drunk black man 
Just circle the names that sound good.  Oh yeah, and anything by Taylor Swift simply because after that Kayne West incident it's literally impossible for her not to win an award at any award show.  And she deserves them too.

So we went through and each made our 81 predictions.  We then shared them and discovered we each agreed in 25 categories.  This makes them OFFICIAL predictions.  So here are Brian and Holly's 2013 Grammy Award Predictions: (Note these are the ones we THINK will win, not what we think should win.)

Brian & Holly Predict the Grammys!

Song of the Year: "We Are Young"
Song of the Year Prediction
Best Pop Solo Performance  "Set Fire to the Rain" (Live) -Adele  
Best Dance Recording: "Bangarang" -Skrillex
Best Traditional R&B Performance: "Love on Top" -Beyonce
Best R&B Song -"Adorn" -Miguel Pimentel
Best R&B Album: Write Me Back -R. Kelly
Best Country Solo Performance: "Home" -Dierks Bentley
Best Country Album: Hunter Hayes -Hunter Hayes

Product Details
Just because we liked the title,
a hip Dostoevsky reference

Best Jazz Instrumental: Seeds from the Underground -Kenny Garrett
Best Regional Mexican Album: 365 Dias -Los Tucanes de Tijuana
Best Tropical Latin Album: Retro -Marlow Rosado Y La Riquena
Best Americana Album: Babel -Mumford and Sons

Babel by Mumford & Sons, an obvious choice
Best World Music Album: The Living Room Sessions Part 1 -Ravi Shanker
Best Spoken Word Album: American Grown -Michelle Obama (An obvious shoo-in)
Best Comedy Album: Blow Your Pants Off -Jimmy Fallon
Best Musial Thearte Album: Newsies
Best Instrumental Album: "Music of Ansel Adams: America" -Chris Brubeck and Dave Brubeck
Best Recording Package: Biophilia
Best Boxed of Special Limited Edition Package: Woody at 100: The Wood Guthrie Centennial Collection

Woody Guthrie - There is not way Holly and I could
 pass up giving an award to the
 man who gave us  "This Land is Your Land."
Best Historical Album: Woody at 100: The Woody Guthrie Centennial Collection
Best Remixed Recording, Non-Classical: "Midnight City"
Best Surround Sound-Album: Quiet Winter Night
Best Orchestral Performance: Music for Time of War
Best Classical Instrumental Solo: "Kurtag & Ligeti: Music for Viola" - Kim Kashkashian
Best Long Form Music Video: Big Easy Express

Of course, no date night would not be complete without an image of the morning after, so here it is.

"Mom, Dad!  Make sure you save some for
meeeeeeee!" they always yell from
the stairs during take out times.  So we did.

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