Monday, February 25, 2013

Carter's 4th Birthday

Carter had a small birthday party yesterday at home. (He had enjoyed a bigger one with extended family over February break in Rochester.)  In honor of his 4th birthday, Carter decided to get Pizza Hut for lunch.  We then watched the movie The Lorax as a family.  Parker and Carter had seen it before, but it was new to mommy and daddy.  Parker and Carter got a kick out of telling mom and dad what would happen next.

Carter opened up a new Star Wars Lego set as a gift.  Mommy then helped him put the set together, which she did in such a way to keep the pieces form ever being separated again!  Carter then opened up some birthday cards, but he saved a special birthday card from his great-grandparents in Idaho to open with them over Skype.

Carter picked brownies for his birthday cake which he helped dad make.  Once it was dark outside, dad put four candles on the cake and Carter blew them out.  We're not sure what his wish was.  Whatever it is, Carter is keeping it to himself!  We love you Carter!  Thank you for letting us spending your special day with you.

The birthday boy and his brothers
after church, just before his family
birthday party started!

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