Sunday, August 9, 2009

goodbye love

^ this loveseat (yes i know the cushions are missing... i'll get to that) has been through a lot. my aunt and uncle got it when they got married and both my cousin's took it to college with them. we needed a couch and they graciously gave this to us. i was looking forward to passing it on to someone else who needed it..... well, it looks like that will not be the case. ='( we came into our apartment after a long day of garage sale-ing and house drama while Brian's sister Laura came to visit. Our apt had been closed up ALL day (i do NOT like the leave the windows open when i'm not home) and it was HOT. We opened the door and a smell hit us like nothing else. It was coming from the couch. We searched and found nothing. It literally smelled like an animal and crawled in there and died. So, we had to bid adieu to our dear friend.... =[ it was a sad day.
So, now we sit, couchless again.....

But how can ANYONE stay sad/mad with a kiddo like this:

Parker and Carter love to play together. Carter will whine and Parker rushes over saying "tarter" HAHA and then Carter laughs. Carter lets Parker share the carseat with him.

I am AMAZED how they love eachother. Parker makes silly noises and Carter laughs. (My favorite time is hearing this in the car. It's better than any radio station out there) They are already the best of friends.

The other night we decided to try cereal with Carter. He wasn't a huge fan. I think I'll hold off a little longer.... He sported an adorable bib made by - who else- MOMMY!

HOUSE HUNT (summary):
We had an accepted offer on a house in Oswego, after doing the inspection we realized the house wasn't worth it. We backed out of the deal.
I found a house online and I was DYING to see it since seeing the pictures. We got in the next day and ever since then I can't stop thinking about it. We are waiting to her on our offer...... I love it.
Everything happens for a reason.
Oh, and
I'm not going to update the blog a lot about the house hunt because I think it's pointless until a closing date is set and a mortgage is secure. I definitely will not show pics bc I don't want to get my hopes TOO high incase something happens... because with houses you never ever know...


The Fifes said...

your boys are just adorable! Sorry about the couch! :(

Beverly B. said...

I'm sad that you are couchless:( but your boys are so cute. I'm hoping things come together with he house soon for you guys.

R,K,L said...

AWWWWWW byebyebyebye loveseat. So sad. Was there a dead animal in it??? The boys are stinking adorable!

Erika said...

I freakin love that bib! It's too cute for words! And, the house hunt will all be worth it in the end! I'll pray on it for you guys!