Saturday, April 4, 2009

sneak peek

The apartment is still being organized and 'set up' so, I don't want to post pics of it yet. I know some of you are wanting to see it, and so I made a little 'sneak peek' for you! As you can see, our walls are a really light buttercream color (the ceiling is white)... these are some of the newest family pictures in nice big 8X10s (thank you Amy Davis!). They look ah-mazing in person!!!


Beverly B. said...

Yeah ! I want to see more. I think of you everytime I drive by your apartment complex.

R,K,L said...

LOVE IT!!!!! They are so precious!! I love that you keep up w/ professional pics!

♥The Drake Family♥ said...

very cute! i might invite myself over someday ;)