Monday, April 13, 2009

easter and beyond

Parker and Carter had a really great Easter! Parker had his first easter egg hunt at Grandma and Grandpa Miller's house.
He LOVED picking the eggs up outside...

... but he loved opening the eggs more!
Today was SUCH a good day!!!

My new bungenius diapers came in the mail. We got 15 new ones. These are most of the colors (one is missing). Carter's loving being a bumgenius baby!!
Carter's crib FINALLY got put together. As you can tell, he approves.
He fell asleep within 1 minute of being put in it!!! What a good boy!!
My good friend Daisy let us use her van to pick up our new table and then helped us put it together! =]
Daddy took Parker out for a spin on Nate's new scooter
*shh don't tell Nate, he'll be mad!*

The day ended with Daisy and her beautiful kiddos came over for dinner/ games. =]
WHAT a great day!!


The Kent Family said...

LOVE the new table and chairs :)...and those diapers are friggen awesome!!! They are so's ALMOST making me want to switch too!

Katie said...

you're my hero for using bgs!!! they are so adorable!

looks like parker had a great easter!

♥The Drake Family♥ said...

love the kitchen table set! looks just like mine ;) how how i would love to use bum genius....i guess i'm just not cut out for it, you are a better mom than me, lol. Glad you all had a good easter! anytime you wanna go to the park CALL ME! :)

The Stephenson Family said...

Yep-- got it from your blog! Some people just don't being that directly mentioned in blogs, so, I hope it was ok I stole your idea!!

I LOVE the new BG colors? Do you like the dipes a lot? I think I might buy some with my next baby. I have a good FB stash, but I had one BG that I liked too. Plus, the colors rock! said...

you got the easter BGs! I was tempted but I love the organic ones too much. I am trying to switch over, so no more pockets for me.