Sunday, April 26, 2009


Ah! We've been so busy that its been nearly impossible to update as much as I would like to. Carter's 2mon appt had to be moved so I have to wail until May 15th to post how big he's gotten. Sniffle.... Here is a 2 month pic though! (it was taken 1 day before his actual 2 mon checkpoint) =] Ha.

^ he's getting SO BIG! this was taken a day before he turned 2 months
Parker's First 'real' Ice Cream Cone!!!

^ the aftermath

^ seeing the farm animals
^this is the funniest face ever!!!!

^ some of Parkers signs. this was the best i could get him to cooperate with me!
he is now up to 29 signs. although, we have stopped teaching him. i usually just end up looking up something we say all the time and after doing it twice he remembers!! its seriously amazing how much their tiny brains soak right in! ... i wish we had more baby signing times (the AMAZING videos) bc he really enjoys watching them and learning signs. but they are like $20 + shipping each. we just can't afford it.

^ for your listening pleasure: we think parker was trying to sing.

^ this will melt your heart: carter babbling

^this will break your heart: carter crying. he does the cutest little lip pout.

This post deserves LOTS of comments bc it took me forever to upload all those videos!


R,K,L said...

SO ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!! Hol they are so cute. I love that pouty lip. Parker is doing amazing w/ the signing! Good job!!!!!

Erika said...

This is all so darn cute! I think Carter looks like Parker! I love the one of Parker singing haha so cute! And the one of Carter crying... it's so funny because it looks like he can't figure out if he's really upset or not haha the lip pout is the saddest lil thing! You are so blessed, your children are absolutely beautiful!

The Fifes said...

Can't believe how big he's getting! And i definitely want to have some ice cream now!!

Barbara said...

Awwwwwww i love them both!!!!! lol

Parker: Gosh he is such a smart little boy!!! Also, he looks like he really enjoyed his ice cream by the looks of the mess he made lol. Soooo cute!!! He is also quite the singer. Watch out american idol!!! lol

Carter: I can't believe how big he is getting!!!! Seems like only yesterday we were online having a late night chat while you were in labor with him!!!! lol I love his silly face and the babbling!!! lol but the crying nearly broke my heart :( lol its cute though cause it seems like he doesnt really know if he wants to cry or not. haha

Thanks for the update!!!!! :)

Katie said...

Parker is so good at signing! That's awesome.

Carter is so cute. He's getting so big!!