Tuesday, April 7, 2009

april is...

...Cesarean Awareness Month!

Before I step on my soapbox, I want you all to know that I know in some cases c-sections are medically needed. However the c-section rate should safely be 3-5% of births. Not over 20% like it is now....

My first birth was nothing short of ‘typical’. It was one unnecessary medical intervention after the next which, of course, led to a cesarean section. I smiled through the pictures and the countless ‘congratulations’ but inside I was dying. Had I really done all I could to make sure that my baby was born healthily? Did I really need to be induced? Did I really need cytotec and pitocin? Did they really have to break my water? Did I have to push when they told me? I knew from the moment I laid staring at the blue sheet waiting to hear the cry of my firstborn that next time was going to be different.

This picture is from cesareanart.com and it perfectly depicts my emotions felt those days after my surgery.
Ob/Gyn Doctors are trained surgeons. C-sections are their training. C-sections are easy to schedule, take less time (on their part), and they are less likely to be sued over a c-section. What Dr wouldn't choose that? Ladies- they are looking out for themselves, their families, and their wallets- NOT you or your babies well being.... I don't even want to get started on Drs who do ELECTIVE c-sections.

I want more women to educate themselves before or while they are pregnant. Know the side effects of the pain meds and the induction drugs. Look up Cytotec- you'll be amazed. Know the risks of a c-section- needing blood transfusions, infections, impaired healing, scar tissue, adhesion, and even hysterectomies.

I want them to picture the birth they want and write it in a birthplan. Get someone to help you carry out your birthplan. Surround yourself with POSITIVE messages and birthstories. Doulas are amazing for this!!

I want them to know they can have the birth they want and deserve.

I am reading the Ina May's Guide to Childbirth and it is an amazing book. I wish every mom-to-be read it. It says: "Remember this, for it as true as true gets: Your body is not a lemon. You are not a machine. the Creator is not a careless machine."

So, don't do it for me-- do it for yourself. As the famous saying says: Knowledge is Power!!!


Shelby and Brian said...

That picture is really sad =(

But I'm glad you overcame the stupid doctors and people telling you how you should give birth and had a wonderful birth experience. You can be an inspiration to other women who were dissatisfied with their birth experiences, no matter what the circumstances were. I feel like you should be in one of those movies... like The Business of Being Born.

Amanda said...

you are such an inspiration! i cry everytime i hear a piece of your story.

I agree with your suggestions. When I was pregnant, I was so afraid of L&D, I read so many birth stories. I knew what I wanted. Thankfully I had an amazing dr. However, when I was ready to push, he told me my hips were too narrow and I would probably end up with a c-section. I KNEW that wasn't what I wanted, so I told him we WOULD work together and I would only agree to the c-section after we tried everything else. She came really easy. But it was because of her size. She was only 5 lbs 10 oz with a 10 1/2 in head. He said if she was any bigger, she would not have fit. I am so scared my next one will be c-section. And it makes me so sad knowing I may never go through labor with another baby. But that won't stop me from trying!

I am so glad you were able to have such an amazing experience with Carter. You are an inspiration!!!

Buscando la Luz said...

You go, girl! I love this post! Maybe sometime you could share your story in a guestpost on my blog? You game?