Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Swimming and a Movie

Carter is busy having his week at Grandma's!  Today he got to go swimming, and Grandma sent us a picture!


While Carter was catching some rays in the water (with lots of sunscreen, of course) I took Parker to the local theater to see the movie Planes: Fire and Rescue.  We got a big tub of popcorn and tall sodas, myself Diet Pepsi and Parker "Caffeine-Free Root Beer" as he accurately called it.  It was especially nice because we got to try the new reclining seats the theater recently installed that Holly and Carter raved about earlier this month.

Soared into a 2:05 showing of animated action
The movie was great, and we refilled our popcorn and soda on the way out to share with Mom and Anderson when we got back.

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