Monday, July 21, 2014

Great Great Great Great Grandpa Sanders

I found this picture of my great great great great Grandfather doing family history today.  I love his beard and shy smile; there are not many pictures of "old folk" with smiles like that!  He was an early Mormon pioneer and knew Joseph Smith personally.  His son, my great great great Grandfather, was born in Far West Missouri on Christmas after the family was thrust from their home by an anti-Mormon mob.

Great great great great Grandfather Moses Martin Sanders
Born 1803 

I need to get more involved in my family history and become more familiar with stories such as Grandpa Sanders'.  Tonight, after I did an 8 mile training run for the Green Lakes 50K, we got Coldstone's ice cream as a family for one of Parker's treats while Carter is away at Grandma's.

I wish old Grandpa Sanders could have joined us, but I trust he was there in spirit.   After all, he does seem to have Parker's face and smile!

And the faces of these guys too!

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