Tuesday, January 7, 2014

High-Fives for 2014

Back to school again today!  The day started warmer in the high thirties and then plummeted throughout the day.  We stayed in our little house (somewhat) all warm and toasty making our New Year's Resolutions for 2014.

We did this activity last year for 2013.  Everyone gets their hand traced and they they write five things they want to accomplish in the upcoming year.  That makes a total of thirty goals for the Steffen family.  One of my goals is to have 300 blog posts for 2014.  Not quite a full year, but more than we've had before.

Also, a BIG storm with VERY COLD temperatures is supposed to come in.  Governor Cuomo declared a state of emergency in our county, so we figured the chances of having a snow day tomorrow were pretty good.  And then, late at night, Holly was woken up with this news.

That makes 3 snow days for the school year so far!  Only two left on reserve, and then we start losing vacation.  As much as we love snow days, we hope it doesn't come to that!

Baby Beckett Always Enjoys a Snow Day!

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