Sunday, January 5, 2014

2 Steffen CTRs

Carter became a CTR today. Parker was really excited and offered up some words of advice as any good big brother would do. "It'll be fun, Carter." and "You will learn how to choose the right, Carter." Parker is officially a CTR6 and Carter is a CTR4. :) I'm excited to see if they start discussing their lessons as we drive home from church. 

To celebrate this big occasion (Carter moving up from SunBeams), we bought them (it was really Mommy's idea) CTR rings. I found these really cool ones. They were really impressed and wanted to pose like this for their photo. 

I really wanted one of the two of them. They insisted it be silly. That's ok though, because it totally captures their personality and love for each other. :) [insert proud mommy moment]
My heart is full.  I love my boys.

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