Saturday, January 11, 2014

Date Night Log

I presented Holly with a belated Christmas gift yesterday.  It's a record of all our date nights since November of 2007.  We've had a date night every week since, and I wrote down exactly what we did, what we ate, who we were with, where we went, etc.  I even took the time to mine the list for statistics, like what type of food we ate the most (Chinese Food) or who we double dated with the most (our hip friend Daisy Boyer).  I intend to keep adding to it until we get older, and older, and older, until its a big, fat book our posterity can flip through.

And our date night last night?  Well, it would appear like this...

2nd week of 2014...1/10/14. Chinese Take-Out, 2 episodes of Parenthood on Netflix, Coca-Cola, Putting a new humidifier together for the boys, Heavenly Hash Ice Cream, A Frozen Pizza (for myself who is always hungry), and an episode of Extreme Cheapskates on Netflix.


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