Wednesday, April 17, 2013

How can I help you say goodbye...

Parker had to say goodbye to his closest friend so far. Mason and the rest of the Lystrup family are moving clear across the country. Baldwinsville, NY to Pasco, WA. 

Parker is heartbroken. They left last Friday for their travels and should be arriving to WA soon. 

I don't think I can put into words without crying how much Mason has affected Parker. From the first time they played, Mason (even though he is a couple years older) took Parker under his wing. He introduced him to Lego Star Wars which is now Parker's very favorite thing. Parker introduced Mason to chess and got him his very own and first chess set. They always played great together: never fighting, and just plain having fun. I am grateful that Parker's first 'best friend' was such a great little boy. Mason has a really big heart and he is just the sweetest kid. Mason, thank you for being such a great example and friend to Parker. He will really miss you. 

Here is the dynamic duo at their last playdate. (notice the nerf guns)

Parker was wearing a Syracuse lacrosse shirt and Mason said he had one like it- and went to put it on so they could match. 
Mason: "Is this the last time I will see Parker?"
Me: "Yes, for a while anyway" 
Mason: "Oh. That sucks."
Me: "Yes, it really does."

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