Tuesday, June 7, 2011

work in progress

We finally bit the bullet and did our bedroom. It was the one room that hadn't been touched since we moved in almost 2 years go. There were even no window treatments.... It was pretty bad. We got a new bedding set, painted the walls (a light gray), and I made curtains to match.

We still have a couple things left to do: a curtain to be the 'door' to the closet and the boys are painting us artwork to hang above our bed.

I wasn't totally sure what I wanted. I just knew I wanted a gray and yellow bedroom. Brian was skeptical, but he loves it! He picked out the gray/yellow/black flower pillow pictured below...
I'll take some more when it is completely done.

Next Project: baby room once we know if baby is a boy or girl. ;)


Lori said...

I love the flower pillow, Brian did great with that. Looks really cute, I can't wait to see more. Btw, I love the new blog background and changes.

HollySteffen said...

thanks! :)