Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Baby... updates

People have been asking what I need for the baby. You'd think that with the 3rd kid (most likely boy) that I'd be all set.

There are some things I definitely DON'T need:

We have strollers, carseat, swings.... I've got newborn/0-3mon gender neutral sleepers coming out of my ears. We have a bumbo, a breastpump, and a boppy. I've been handed down some glass bottles (thanks Beverly) .... Most of the basics are covered. Phew.

I also got the cutest take home outfits for baby.


This child, whether boy or girl will need clothes. 2 boys can really do a number on clothes. For nb- about 18 months Carter's is hands down my FAVORITE :)

I usually use disposable diapers for the first week or so. I like Pampers Swaddlers Newborn size WITHOUT drymax. I like the Pampers Sensitive Thick Care wipes to use with them (for the first couple poopy diapers)

I would love a new diaper bag. I've got my eye on this one. Skip Hop Studio in Black. Nice spacious stroller bag.

We also are running low on diaper detergent. My goal is to buy 2-- to be prepared.

Parker hated to be swaddled, and Carter loved it. I want to try these Swaddling blankets. They make cotton (for warm weather) and fleece for colder weather. I think 2 of each of them would be good. Plus green is totally gender neutral.

I'd love to try this nursing cover.

I'd also like to get a couple soothie type pacifiers- you know the kind like at the hospital... both boys only took them for a couple months and then would spit them out. I hope this baby is the same way. :) They have boy and girl ones.

I need about 2 packages of breastmilk storage bags and 2 freezer bin to store milk in.

I've also picked out the bedding I would like for a baby boy and a baby girl.

Brian and I would like to get some more cloth diapers. :) We want to get the bumgenius 4.0 pockets... some with velcro and some with snaps. We've never had the snaps before, and I've heard great things about having them. OR The Flip Hybrid system... I've been thinking about trying that.


UPDATE: I bought a wetbag, and a flip cloth diaper to try. I also got burpcloths.

For dirty diapers we have always used a wegmans type- plastic bag. It has worked well, but I'd really love a wetbag. Size Small... and in the Chocolate Animal Cracker print. Adorable.

We need more burpcloths... Everyone knows prefold diapers make the best burpcloths.

UPDATE: I bought these 2 things :)
I'd like 2 small glass bottles so hopefully Brian can feed the baby sometimes.

I need a brown bundleme to match the carseat...

*Some of the links I have posted are to a local cloth diaper store named Basic Baby (Syracuse area). I'm hoping to be able to support this local business as much as possible when it comes to buying things that I need for this baby.

I'm not posting this so that people feel obligated to buy me something. More than material items- I appreciate the love and support you have given me and the prayers offered on my behalf... They mean more to me then anything material you could buy me!

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