Monday, January 31, 2011

notes I took during Parker's labor

I was cleaning out the attic- bringing baby stuff down and i found my birthplan for parker. With it- was a notebook where i took notes during labor.... here they are:

"Childbirth is a very long process
Childbirth is painful.

I didn't want an epidural I
think I might get one. This
pain is incredible. I had a day of
pain w. getting induced.

I want sleep but I know
"sleep" won't be like it used to.
I want good sleep- not just sleep.

I want to meet Parker.

contractions= NOT fun.

I wish I had a natural labor.
I don't want to be here anymore.

Epidurals are needed w. pitocin
I <3 Stadol

I can't wait to hold my son.

C-Sections make you really really sore."

I read it. I sat there. And cried.

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Anonymous said...

How far you come, my friend!