Monday, January 10, 2011

MK vs NYR Organic

You all probably remember my brief stint selling Mary Kay Cosmetics:

I bought inventory, couldn't sell it, and had no success in booking shows. I left the company about 7 months after joining.

I truly believe that my lack-of success came from one thing: I didn't BELIEVE in the products. With all the research I had done on cosmetics and skincare, there was no way I could stand behind the Mary Kay products I was selling.

I found NYR Organic and fell in LOVE. They are a skincare company based out of the UK. They have been there for 30 years. NYR started off as a small store in covent Garden in the UK and then branched out to more stores and direct selling. Recently, on 9/9/09 the company launched a US branch.

Let me tell you HOW Mary Kay and NYR Organics compare- both the companies and the products.


MK- Uses fillers such as TALC in the "mineral" powder foundation.
NYR- Uses NO fillers or petroleum, It is in our promise to our customers.

MK- Full of chemicals.
NYR- ALL NATURAL. Made from HAND PICKED herbs that are CERTIFIED organic and grown in the UK or under fair trade with places when the UK doesn't have the climate to grow certain herbs.

MK- Products made in factory.
NYR- Products made in a lab and HAND MIXED by an herbalist/chemist

MK- Mostly plastic containers.
NYR- Uses glass and 100% POST CONSUMER recycled plastic.

MK- (as far as I know) Does not test on animals.
NYR- Does not test on animals. Some products are vegan.

MK- Some people are allergic.
NYR- Haven't ran across anyone that has had a problem.


MK- Minimum $400 retail every 3 months to stay active
NYR- 50personal points every 3 months. (equivalent to about $100)

MK- Book Facials/ Parties
NYR- Book Facials/ Parties

MK- Influenced to have inventory.
NYR- Inventory discouraged. Shipping takes about 2 days to Syracuse Area.

MK- Directors hound you.
NYR- Our leaders are a Support System. We are not pushy.

MK- $99 kit
NYR- Two kit options- $99 or $199 (Currently being offered for $130!)

MK- 50% profit. you pay shipping. you pay host rewards and gifts.
NYR- Start at 25%. Customers pay shipping. Host rewards are from company. Gifts are $1.75- $3ea

MK- You pay shipping.
NYR- Customer pays shipping.

MK- You "pay" host rewards.
NYR- Host rewards come from the company.

MK- You buy hostess/party gifts- ranging from $5 and up.
NYR- You buy hostess/ party gifts- $1.75 and $3 for Product gift.

MK- You pay for your website
NYR- FREE website

MK- You pay for propay to take credit cards.
NYR- Doesn't charge you to take credit cards- you just enter them on the order page!

MK- I don't know who owns it.
NYR- Family owned.

Interested in knowing MORE?

Go visit my FREE website:

You can see our catalog, our products, our business opportunity, and watch short videos about how we make our products and our company.

Feel free to grab a cup of tea, sit down and spend some time browsing all we offer.

If you would like to see some products, I'd love to get together with you. Seeing is believing.

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Faye @ said...

Thanks Holly! This is a great comparison. I've been looking into direct-sales for a number of years now, but like you, I can't stand behind Avon or MK, and definitely wanted something eco-minded/organic, as that's what I blog about. Glad you've been successful with NYR Organic.

Holly, I'm still waiting for some more info before I sign up, but maybe you could answer this question:

How are paper catalogs handled by NYR (and MK, by comparison)? I assume you have to pay for them. What's the average cost and frequency for that part of the business?

Much appreciated!

Faye @