Tuesday, March 17, 2009

st pattys day and more

^ parker tried to give carter a bottle... and when i was bringing the bottle to the kitchen it got really quiet and when I walked back into the living room-- parker had carter sucking on his finger. they were both perfectly content and i even had enough time to grab the camera!!!!
^ parker's first time holding carter!

^ Happy First St. Patty's Day Carter!

^ check out those dimples!

^ check out those baby blues

^ parker playing on the playground. although our stay was cut short by a hungry, screaming newborn and a creepy kid named talon that wouldn't leave us alone!

^ carter at the playground

^ apparently what he really thought of being at the playground

^ britta and her boys came to visit for the day! we had a great time. here's hunter, jared, and parker.... hungry maybe? always.

OH! and this is too cool not to share:
jared is 8months older than parker.
parker is 8 months older than hunter.
hunter is EXACTLY 8 months older than carter!
^ i say 'smile' and this is what parker does


R,K,L said...

Holly seriously they are both so freaking cute!!!!!!!!! Carter def looks like a Miller baby and is so precious. I love Parker's face in the pic of him holding Carter. I love it!!!! So sweet. You are such a good Mommy getting them out and on the playground!

Amanda said...

so precious!!! they are both adorable. Parker looks like the best big brother. I don't think they'll have a problem being bestest buds. Great job, mommy!

♥The Drake Family♥ said...

carter is getting big already! he looks like a little man, haha. you are right, i dont think he looks like parker....but i bet he will when he's a little boy. they ar too cute together:)

The Kent Family said...

Don't you just love "brother" moments <3 too cute!