Wednesday, March 4, 2009

our 'exciting' morning

This morning we were sitting in the living room, I was on the couch... and Brian was on the floor playing blocks with Parker. We heard a wicked loud bang.... we looked at each other and said "WHAT WAS THAT?!". It sounded as though something had hit our air conditioner or something. Brian went to investigate and looked out the sliding glass door. Well, he apparently found the sound...... Isn't it amazing that it's not all over our floor?!?!

The maintence people said that it was probably due to the extreme temperatures we've been having outside. I'm sure the guy's sound system downstairs didn't help matters.

So, we'll be able to enjoy a nice new sliding glass door for a couple weeks at least!!

Thanks to the Ashton's for letting us come over while they were breaking and fixing our door!!


The Haban Family said...

oh my gosh!! that's nuts!! I can't believe it, I guess that's a plus to renting huh - you just call maintenance and they come fix it for you!!! :o)

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