Sunday, March 8, 2009

smarty pants

So Parker has been doing two things lately that have really impressed me!

He loves this book called "Zip Pop Hop and other fun words to say" and it is all about Elmo and his adventures with fun words. There is one page where Elmo's daddy is putting him to bed and it says something like "At night Elmo's daddy sings him a song. Sometimes Elmo hums along. Hmmm Mmm Mmm". Parker has been opening the book to that very page and humming. He will keep humming louder and louder- smiling... until we notice him and say something. And after we do- he just cracks up laughing!

In church- he waves his arm as though he is conducting the music while we help him 'read' the hymnal. Well, today he found my church bag and in it is a folder of sheet music (for primary) and I look over and he's humming and waving his arm- conducting the music!!! He does a killer 2/4 time. Future musician maybe?

Everyday I am more and more proud of him. He's turning into such a big boy!!

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