Thursday, September 25, 2008

rochester adventure

So we decided when we woke up yesterday that we needed an adventure. It's been a while since we did something out just the two of us. So we drove 1 1/2 hrs to Brian's parents house so they could watch Parker and we went to see RENT in the movie theatre. They filmed this one on Broadway in HighDef. It was awesome. So we've seen and own the RENT movie, saw RENT on Broadway, and now have seen it filmed from the live version. We absolutely love RENT and we just knew that since it was only playing for 4 days we should definately go see it. The only down side? Tickets were $20 each. Still it was well worth it. Especially if you have never seen it on Broadway.

Before we went (bc the show was 2hrs 45min) we went to Jay's Diner and grabbed a Jays Plate to share. I'd been totally craving one and last Saturday I was about to make Brian to Rochester just to get me one! I cannot believe that absolutely NO place in Syracuse has a knock-off. Anyone who has ever had a garbage plate knows that Tahou's has the origional. It it shown in all its glory on the right -> Of course Jays doesn't have the original but it sure is dang good. So, anyone want to bring me one today?? =]

I think my main objective today is going to be to make the hot sauce for garbage plates. (Thanks Aunt Deb for the recipe!)

In other news: I'm getting parker's party invites printed out today!! Boy, are they adorable. Thanks to my MoMoz friend, Summer!!


Jesse_Jay87 said...

ahh now I am craving a garbage plate..

its even harder to find one in VIRGINIA...

and even with explaining it..they think its the nastiest thing ever.

R,K,L said...

My Mom is here and said she is glad you are enjoying the recipe!! How did it turn out??