Wednesday, September 17, 2008

baby update

so i had a drs appt today and the baby is doing great!

143 bpm

and i'm still -1.5 lbs from my first visit!

and the anatomy sono is scheduled for 10.15.08

we're gonna have them seal up the sex in an envelope

so we can decide later if we really wanna know

and i dont want to take away from parkers first birthday on oct 18th


R,K,L said...

That's a cute idea. My guess is girl with that heartbeat. I can't believe Parker's going to be ONE!

Austin & Crystal said...

oh you have to find out!!! come on, i told you:) at least let me see the envelope, lol. i dont know what i think you are having. my baby's heart rate is always in the 150's.....but i think they all were. i dont know, i'll have to check out your belly on sunday!

Shelby said...

I thought about waiting to find out the sex with our next. But I totally don't think I could wait that long!

Austin & Crystal said...

yea stay at home mommies! we can be broke together this winter :) we will have to get together for sure! i have a nasty cold right now, but when its over we will plan a day to hang ;)
p.s. i am now on a low-carb diet!! LOL

Beverly B. said...

Tom could tell from just looking at the ultrasound before they told us but I think that it is way more obvious when it a boy. My guess is you're having a girl or a boy but please find out and tell us. My friend did the envelope thing and never opened it. It drove me crazy so if you don't want to open it let me see it too. I'm glad thing are going well with the baby. So you are a SAHM now?

kmelanese said...

That is a good idea. My friend did that and they opened up the envelope on christmas. Good Luck with you next appointment. I am guessing another boy!