Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Tap Out

Well, Holly suggested it was time to put Christmas back in the box where it belongs.  We spent the morning hauling the tree back up in the attic, wrapping up Christmas kitsch, and taking down the stockings. When we finished and the living room finally looked back to normal, we celebrated by watching a move the boys received for Christmas.

It was Monster's University and it was a rather enjoyable movie, what I was able to catch of it anyway in between wrangling Anderson.  We had popcorn (with lots of butter) that I just finished sweeping up off the floor.

I always get sentimental with Christmas decorations.  You only see them for a brief span of each year, and then they go back into hiding again.  Before I put them away until late November, I wanted to take a picture of my Santa collection just so I know where I placed them in during the Christmas 2013 season.

Three Big Santas

Santa Bookends 
12 other Santas
And 6 more
My grandmother collects Santas, and I have inherited a few.  I look forward to collecting more, and having a more accessible display, but that will have to wait until grubby little fingers learn to not touch things.  For now, however, I am content with my 23 you see here.  See you Black Friday weekend 2014, fellas!

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